Smart Thermostats and Why You Need One!

smart thermostats

Increasingly we are seeing the term ‘internet of things’ used to describe the connectivity of every-day devices in our homes to the internet.  One home device that has seen a massive uptake in connectivity advances is the humble central heating thermostat. Traditionally, a fairly simple and innocuous device, we’ve seen product launches from the likes of British Gas with their ‘Hive’ unit and from Nest Labs with the ‘Nest Learning Thermostat’.  These are dubbed ‘Smart Thermostats’.

Why would I need one?

You may ask yourself why would I need such a device? What benefit would it bring me?  Well, when you think about it, most existing thermostats are little more than an on-off switch.  The temperature is measured (rather inaccurately) in one room of the house (usually the landing or hallway).

These new, smart thermostats, allow the temperature to be controlled from either the thermostat or from your device (read smartphone, tablet, PC, etc). But where it really makes a difference is with the programming of schedules and the integrated sensors that detect whether you are at home or not.  For example, the Nest Thermostat can detect when you’ve left home.  It can therefore lower the house temperature accordingly and then bring it back up to temperature based upon your next scheduled temperature.  Nest can also control your hot water system too and add that to a daily schedule.

Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest thermostat also allows the actual thermostat itself to be moved to a more suitable position.  Why set the temperature for the entire house based upon the temperature in your hallway? It would be much better to base it upon the temperature of the room you use most; mostly the lounge!

The net result is that you have much, much more control over your central heating system. These internet-enabled smart thermostats have turned a simple “on-off” switch into a smart device that will save you money. They allow much greater control of your central heating system.  The ability to control your central heating system, from the other side of the world, in order to make sure your house is nice and toasty for when get home is extremely useful.

Smart Thermostats installed in Milton Keynes

We’ve installed many of these systems and would be happy to install one for you too in Milton Keynes. A great advantage is that they can be installed with virtually no mess or remedial decorative work.

And, as we are both Gas Safe certified and electrical engineers we can cover the entire installation process too!