Need a New Kitchen in Milton Keynes?

Beautiful new kitchen in Milton Keynes

A new kitchen is a big investment, and something that many of us only have done a handful of times in our lifetime – unless you’re a serial house buyer or have very deep pockets!   We can help you achieve a beautiful and new Kitchen in Milton Keynes.

AJ Walker Ltd have spent years building up their reputation as quality kitchen designers and installers.  We’ve worked on small, budget-constrained designs, to much larger bespoke kitchens featuring all of the latest kitchen gadgets and appliances.

We look at some of the most frequently discussed design topics for a new kitchen design.

Style of Units

Design styles tend to go full circle.  In the 1970’s, high-gloss kitchens in vibrant colours were extremely popular and then soon went out of favour.  In the last few years we’ve seen the same styles back again, albeit with some more muted tones such as beige and cocoa colours.

Integrated Appliances

Whether you have built-in (integrated) appliances, or not, normally tends to come down to your budget.  Integrated appliances give a ‘cleaner’ minimalist appearance to the kitchen.  But they also require custom fronts and additional fitting time.  And, they are generally more expensive to buy.  They can also be more difficult and time consuming to remove should they need servicing or repair work.  Having said that, we personally prefer built-in appliances as they really enhance the aesthetics of the finished kitchen design.


Granite, Quartz, Glass, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Solid Surface Composite or Hard Wood.  Again, the choice here will likely come down to budget.  For kitchens at a modest price, laminate worktops will likely be the first choice.  They’re available in a huge round of colours and lengths, and when fitted well can look much more expensive that their cost.  At the other end of the spectrum, Granite and Solid Surface Composites’ (such as Corian) can be used to create a true wow factor and add to the luxury feel.

Maximise space

Clever planning is the key here!  Don’t be confined with the kitchen layout you currently have.  We can often – subject to looking at waste and water pipework – re-arrange your kitchen so it works much better and makes better use of the available space.

Let us design and build your perfect Kitchen

So, if you’re looking for a new kitchen in Milton Keynes, let us design the perfect kitchen for you.  From small to large budgets, we can offer a dream kitchen that will exceed your expectations.  Why not look at our customer gallery photos to see what we’ve done in the past, or head over to our Facebook page for regular updates!