Annual Boiler Service Milton Keynes

Annual Boiler Service Milton Keynes
The Importance of an Annual Boiler Service Milton Keynes

One minute you’re enjoying a lazy summer’s day in your garden in Milton Keynes, the next it’s September, the kids have gone back to school and the central heating is trying to cope with an unseasonably cold-snap.  Don’t forget your Annual Boiler Service Milton Keynes!

We often take everyday items such as central heating for granted.  But, when they do stop working our entire world can become disrupted.

Imagine having no heating or hot water for a few days in the middle of January?  Not very pleasant!

Preventative Maintenance

In order to prevent – as much as possible – situations like this, we recommend getting your boiler serviced once per year.  Preferably during the summer months before you rely on it for warmth and hot water.

During our service, we will thoroughly check and clean the insides of your boiler and look for any potential issues.


As well as looking for problems with your boiler, we’ll also conduct a thorough efficiency test.  If your boiler isn’t working at full efficiency then you’ll start to notice that perhaps your house isn’t as warm as it should or used to be, and you’ll almost definitely notice that your energy costs have increased.  We have a number of specialist devices to check that your boiler is performing correctly.


Let’s not forget that a boiler has the potential to leak poisonous gases into your home, while also offering the potential of a fire risk.  We recommend putting a carbon monoxide detector near to your boiler in order to alert you at the first sign of a leak.  We’re Gas Safe registered, which means you can rest assured we’re qualified and competent to work on your boiler or any other Gas appliance in your home.

Fixing Your Boiler

If any issues or faults are found we’ll do our very best to ensure the lowest prices possible to get your boiler in tip-top condition again.  We’ll also ensure that you’re not left without heating or hot water for extended periods.

Boiler Service in Milton Keynes

If you need your Annual Boiler Service Milton Keynes, AJ Walker Ltd can help.  We offer a low-cost boiler service with rates from £90.  Contact Us to book your service in Now!