Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Milton Keynes

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As a landlord, you have a legal obligation and responsibility to carry out an annual Gas safety inspection, and to provide your tenant with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate showing that it has passed.

Check the Gas Safe Register!

Not everyone can provide this certificate, however.  The Gas safety check can only be carried out by someone who is on the Gas Safe register (formerly Corgi).  You can verify an individual or a company’s Gas Safe registration here.

AJ Walker Ltd perform hundreds of these Gas Safety checks for landlords every year.  We’re very used to dealing with tenants, and letting agents, in order to gain access to the property to perform the necessary checks.  We also ensure that the certificate is issued promptly to all parties.

During the Gas Safe inspection, we will look at each and every Gas appliance in the property, and also examine gas pipework and flues to ensure that they are in a safe condition.

Your appliances will be tested for leaks, and the gas rate will be compared with the manufacturers data plate.  We’ll also check that the room has the necessary ventilation for the appliance.   If we do find something not quite right then we’ll issue the necessary certificate showing the failure of the inspection.  Often, we can fix things there and then and re-issue the certificate.

It’s also a good idea, from a safety (and convenience) point of view, to have a new certificate issued everytime new tenants move in.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Finally, why not let us install a combined smoke / carbon monoxide detector at the same time?  This gives advance notice should any of the gas appliances start to produce carbon monoxide, or should a fire start.

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