Boiler problems can have quick, easy and inexpensive solutions

Women sitting next to warm radiator

Boiler problems can be quick and easy to solve. Check out these easy DIY solutions to some common boiler problems.

Boiler stops working

First of all, check that the gas and power supplies are functioning.

Then, check that the pilot light is lit. This is the most common boiler problem, and thankfully, one of the easiest to solve. Just relight.

If this does not work, another reason could be that the central heating programmer switch is not in the on position.

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Loss of hot water

The loss of hot water means that the boiler is not working correctly.

So first, make sure that the pilot light is lit. If not, reignite.

Next, check that the programmer is on and that the setting on the thermostat is sufficiently high.

If you are still without hot water, you should finally check the fuse and revise the power supply. A blown fuse could indicate a serious boiler problem so best to call an engineer in this case.

Radiators not hot

Again, follow the same checklist as for the hot water.

If you are unable to identify the problem, seek professional help.

Radiators with cold areas

If the top of the radiator feels cold this is probably because of an air buildup. Therefore, bleeding the radiator will solve the problem. If the centre or lower part of the radiator feels cold this could be due to rust build-up. Hence, a Power Flush to remove debris is required.

Boiler controls not functioning

First, check the thermostat dial. Make sure that the times are correctly set and that the dial is not stuck. An old thermostat may not be accurate and need replacing. If this does not solve your boiler problem you will need to call a heating engineer.

Strange banging noise from the boiler

At the first sound of any strange noises immediately try and locate the source. If you can’t find a cause, and the noise persists, call the plumber. Quick action can prevent further damage and save lots of money on expensive boiler repairs.

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Whilst the above information is intended as a helpful guide, if you are ever unsure of a problem with your Gas installation always contact as Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.