Six ways to give your Milton Keynes kitchen a facelift

Kitchen with Wooden Table

Installing a completely new kitchen costs a lot of money. So here are six ways in which to give your Milton Keynes kitchen a makeover, without breaking the bank.

1. Cabinets

Changing the pulls, knobs or handles on your kitchen cabinets can give them a whole new aspect. Choosing a smart, modern style to replace the old ones can give the whole kitchen a more up-to-date feel.

Consider removing the doors of your upper cabinets. Especially in small kitchens, closed in wall cabinets can have a claustrophobic effect. Take the doors off, paint the inside a bright colour and put your best crockery on display.

2. Taps

Although faucets are not cheap, investing in a shiny, new modern design which is both practical and beautiful can really enhance your Milton Keynes kitchen workover no end. Give AJ Walker a call to get your new taps professionally plumbed in.

3. Declutter

Give your kitchen a thorough clean out. Send all those containers and jars you’ve got stacked up to recycle, and use the extra space to put away everything that is usually left out. Decluttering will make your kitchen look bigger, cleaner and fresher, and best of all its free!

4. Decorations

A cleverly placed mirror can reflect more light into your kitchen. A change of curtains or the addition of a bright coloured throw rug can really liven up the space. Or, hang a couple of prints or paintings.

5. Lighting

Buy a couple of table or standing lamps to accent areas of your kitchen. Or get AJ Walker in to install you some modern inset lights to illuminate your Milton Keynes kitchen with a bright, clean light.

6. Remodel

Choosing just one section of your kitchen to remodel can make the whole room look different. Replace a worn countertop, add a new backsplash, or ditch the table and chairs and install a breakfast bar.  AJ Walker are the Milton Keynes kitchen experts, so give them a call and let them assist you in making your kitchen makeover a reality.