What features make the best shower rooms?

Shower rooms have come a long way since those plastic cubicles with peeling silicone. Gone, are the unexpected changes in the water temperature and the leaks. Gone, is the constant scrubbing and cleaning.  Today’s shower rooms are clean, comfortable and practical. New finishes, appliances and technology are transforming showering.

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a make-over, ask your local Milton Keynes plumbing expert, AJ Walker, about installing these new features.

The perfect showerhead

Whats perfect for one person may not be for another. So, why not install a rainfall showerhead for those who want a gentle and relaxing water flow to get clean in. Then, for those who like a stronger jet, get a handheld unit which you can regulate the water pressure on.  There are handheld units which offer pulsating and massaging features. Some smart showerheads can even be  programmed with your personal temperature and water-flow preferences for a perfect shower every time.

Thermostatic valves

Invest in a good one. These control the water temperature, which is, of course, the heart of a good shower.

Shower trays

These are now available in a variety of sizes so you can design a larger showering space for more comfort and ease of access. Many also feature a non-slip surface to ensure safety in shower rooms.

Frameless glass for shower rooms

Reinforced glass panels can be attached in place with small clips. This removes the need for a frame which makes it much easier to keep the shower room clean and mould-free.

Self-contained shower cubicles

The new range of self-contained shower cubicles on the market makes transforming your shower room fast and easy. There is little mess as no grouting, tiling or silicone is involved. These units slot together to form a water-tight enclosure. The reinforced glass doors have a special coating to decrease streaking. They also resist dirt and limescale build-up.