Features and Appliances for Your New Kitchen in Milton Keynes

Make your new kitchen in Milton Keynes the ultimate in modern style and convenience with these top five must-have kitchen appliances and features you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Double Dishwashers in your new kitchen in Milton Keynes

Having two dishwashers can really speed up clean-up times if you are entertaining. Or, why not install a second dishwasher drawer just for glasses? Some people with two full-size dishwashers just take the clean china out of one. They use it and then store it in the other until its full enough for washing. Then they start again in reverse. What could be easier?

2. Have separate hobs and ovens

Locating the hob – whether gas or electric – away from the oven gives you many more possibilities for your new kitchen in Milton Keynes. Get creative, install the hob on an island. This can create space, increase worksurfaces, and make your kitchen easier to work in.

3. Create a coffee centre

Install an espresso machine and coffee bean grinder and delight your taste buds. Create a space dedicated just to making coffee away from the main cooking area.  Have storage space for everything you need to make a perfect cup of coffee, and enjoy!

4. More than just a Tap

Installing modern, versatile taps in your kitchen will make your sink a place to enjoy working at. Look for one that has an extendable head which can reach to multiple sinks. Or,with a spray attachment to wash fruit and vegetables.

5. Rubbish and recycling area

Including a dedicated space for your recycling and rubbish bins is a must in any modern kitchen. Keep your new kitchen in Milton Keynes looking neat and clean by planning well how to best organise this important, but often overlooked space.

The experts at AJ Walker will be happy to help you plan your perfect new kitchen in Milton Keynes and then install it professionally. So, give them a  call today.