Why Replace Your Boiler During the Summer?

Replace Your Boiler

During the summer, it’s not unusual for us to put our boiler to the back of our minds, only to find that come the winter, our boiler is failing to perform. Of course, this won’t always be the case, but leaving any boiler repairs or replacements until the last minute could mean that we must endure a level of discomfort during the colder months. As such, making the checks and ensuring that you replace your boiler sooner rather than later will ensure you’re not left in the cold during the winter period.

Appointments Don’t Have to be Stressful

If you need your boiler installation sooner rather than later, you could find that you struggle to find the free time, especially if you have other tasks to contend with.

Ensuring the boiler is in good working order during the summer period not only ensures that you’re given more time to arrange a repair or replacement, but it also ensures that you’re not left without appliances and heating when waiting for the replacement.

Lee Chance of a Defect

If you’ve had your boiler for a few years, you would be forgiven for thinking that it will serve you well moving forward. However, the longer we leave a replacement, or even a service, the more chance there is of the boiler becoming defective.

It’s also worth noting that old boilers generally aren’t as conservative with energy as newer incarnations. Of course, the last thing we want is to find this all out during the colder months, so enlisting the services of a professional sooner rather than later ensures that you’re not left with a defunct boiler when you need it most.

Ensure You’re Not Paying More than You Need To

If you’re in a hurry to find a replacement boiler, then you may just hire the first plumber you come across. However, using the wrong company could mean that you’re spending more than you need to in relation to boiler replacement.

Dealing with boiler replacement in the summer not only ensures that you’re given more time to arrange a visit, but you can also shop around to ensure that you’re receiving cost-effective boiler replacement.


When it comes to the festive period, the last thing we want to be worrying about is whether the boiler will be able to withstand the cold weather.

Regardless of whether we’re looking to have a new boiler installed or simply looking to have our current boiler serviced, knowing we have a professional’s seal of approval can ensure that we’re able to focus on the things that matter.

If your boiler has been neglected of late, then it may be a good idea to let AJ Walker check that everything is as it should be before the colder months arrive. Making sure you replace your boiler in the summer months is a no brainer.