Just Moved? Why It’s Important to Check the Plumbing

Check the Plumbing - repairing a leaking sink

So, you have got the keys to your new home or new work premises. You might have had a survey which didn’t bring up anything to worry about and assume that everything is fine. Here are some simple ways to check the plumbing in your new building to ensure all is in good working order.

Check the Boiler Service History

Regardless of whether you’re renting or purchasing a property, there should always be some form of documentation that shows when the boiler was serviced. It is always best for boilers should be serviced annually.Many may feel that if the boiler is in working order, then a service isn’t required, but there can be a lot going on behind the scenes that don’t always make themselves known on the surface.

For example, an unidentified leak may seem like a problem in the short-term, but not having a regular service schedule in place could mean that the problem gets worse as time goes by, and it could be at the new owner’s expense.

Similarly, if you’re looking to rent or sell a property, then it’s important that you have documentation in place that shows the service history of a boiler, and that the work was carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Find Out Where the Stop Tap Is

Regardless of how many checks that have been carried out on the plumbing of a premises, there will be times when an unexpected occurrence means that a repair is needed as soon as possible. Finding out where the stop tap is could make all the difference as to how much damage is incurred due to the leak.

The most common locations for a stop tap include under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom or under the stairs. However, there can be times when a stop tap is found in a more obscure location, so it can be worth checking with the agent you’re using.

Knowing how to turn off the water during a sudden leak and employing the service of a professional as soon as possible ensures that the damage incurred is minimal, and the problem can be rectified quickly.

Check for Leaky Pipes and Taps

Regular check-ups can mean that leaks are less likely, but it’s still important to check before you take over a new building regardless of whether it’s a new home or new office block.

The longer a plumbing system is in place, the more likelihood there is of problems occurring, and while many of these can be rectified quickly, it can be costly if the current plumbing in place hasn’t been updated for some time.

Ensuring the pipes and taps are in good working order not only ensures that you’re not having to pay for ongoing repairs, but also consuming water in the right way.

Regardless of how old your new property is, or whether you have bought or are leasing, why not contact AJ Walker to check the plumbing so you can be sure that everything is in working order.